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Welcome to this forum! This is a demo app of the Google App Engine. If you log in with your Google account, you can create new posts. Even users that haven't logged in can comment on existing posts.

We're working on improving the functionality of this forum, please comment with any ideas you have to improve this. We also hope to make the source code available for the forum soon, so you can run, skin, and moderate your own forum on Google App Engine.

NameDescriptionTopic Count
About App Engine Discuss your thoughts on the App Engine here. 23
Forum Meta-Discussion New features you want to see? New forums that should exist? This is the place. 2
General Discussion General discussion on any interesting topics. 48
Music and Entertainment Stuff that amuses you. 5
Politics Discussions about politics. 8
Test Forum Since everyone likes making test posts, now there's a forum for them. 7

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